Who are we?

AGAFIA TEHNO LOGISTIC SRL. A company with 100% romanian founded in 2007.

The General Manager of the company is Mr. Serban Adrian.

What are we able to do?

AGAFIA TEHNO LOGISTIC SRL can deliver works such as:
  • Natural gas piping;
  • fire extinguishing instalations;
  • sanitation and thermal piping;
  • sewage, natural gas, water supply, rezidual water treatment networks.

What do we have?

  • human resources; engineers and technicians for designing, consulting and supervising the works
  • drivers, machine operators and certifications;
  • pipe mounting workers;
  • electric and oxyacetilenic welders, PE, PPR;
  • hydraulic, natural gas piping workers;
  • automation, ventilation and cooling technique professionals;

What do we intend?

We are interested in establishing partnerships for mutual benefit with developers and construction companies with projects in Romania or abroad.
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